Bibble 5 PV2.2c est sorti

Au menu :

  • Implemented two Windows-specific memory management improvements, most notable on Win XP, Win NT, and Win 2003
  • Fix for sending folder to a batch that only allowed 300 files to be sent
  • Fix for click registration problems on the Curves Tool
  • Fix for applying keywords when in Multi-Image view
  • Fix for changing the number of scroll lines from the mouse wheel
  • Fix for Linux packages to include launcher script

Donc comme annoncé, toujours pas de support pour les MRW, toujours les problèmes de rendu lorsque l’on se sert des fonctions intéressantes de Bibble, etc, etc.

Et oui, bien qu’il soit indiqué que le support des MRW était fait et prévu pour la prochaine preview, rien n’en est ! Les élovolutions concernent uniquement ce qui est spécifié au dessus. Bref, toujours déçu. Combien de temps faudra-t’il encore attendre pour profiter de Bibble 5 ? Vais-je retourner sur Bibble 4 ? Le choix est complexe. Bibble 4 souffre de sa vieillesse, et Bibble 5 de sa jeunesse.

1. La beauté de la prévisualisation

Le beauté de la visualisation

2. La beauté de la sortie

La beauté de la sortie

Bibble 5 PV2.2b est sorti

  • Resolved issue that skipped embedded thumbnails on some JPEG images
  • Added preliminary support for the Pentax K-7
  • Updated the help documents

Bon il n’y a toujours pas le support des MRW, mais bon…

Bibble 5 PV2.2a est sorti

  • Fixed: Crash when switching between images
  • Fix a crash when trying to rename a file without complete EXIF data
  • Fixed: Program can hang when working with corrupt JPEGs
  • Speedup switching from Version to Version
  • Another upgrade to speed the startup process
  • linux popup windows fix
  • slightly more obvious display of the selected thumbnails
  • added a ‘rebuild Previews’ command, cause double-clicking Exposure is lame
  • Packing the batch dialogs a bit to keep them under 600 pix tall (netbook limit)
  • When importing by reference, don’t allow renaming, even if the rename box is populated.
  • MultiView-specific behavior should not happen when in thumbs-only view
  • Properly restoring the multiview state on startup
  • Re-enable drag & drop to reorder thumbnails
  • Fix Stack / Unstack Commands

Bibble 5 PV2.2

Elle est tout fraîche de ce matin, au menu :

  • Major improvements to the Layers & Regions tools, with better memory management and much faster rendering
  • Implemented On / Off toggles per Region and per Layer
  • Implemented File -> Open and drag & drop to open image files and work queues.
  • Implemented ‘Portable Catalogs.’
  • Implemented Show Folder in File Browser (Windows Explorer, Mac Finder, etc)
  • Implemented Copy Batch with optional Import After Copy feature.
  • Implemented View Mode Toolbar
  • Implemented sending a File System folder to a batch (recursive or not)
  • Implemented counting of thumbnails
  • Implemented recording of subsecond time for cameras that support it
  • Improved Windows Recycle Bin operations
  • Improved Linux Trash operations (to be compliant)
  • Improved File System Workflow: files are refreshed from Bibble XMP settings on each folder change, new master files shown, old ones removed.
  • Fixed crash when renaming versions with image panel hidden
  • Fixed crash when switching quickly between Thumbnails (most commonly seen on JPEG’s)
  • Fixed crash when moving non-Master version imported by Ref Locations
  • Fixed crash when browsing to “/” in linux
  • Fixed crash selecting a version that had layers but was set to defaults
  • Implemented “New Version from Defaults”
  • Changed rating, labels amp; other metadata actions to affect only the “Active” images, not the entire selection, when in Multiview
  • Resolved: Rename version has issues with conflicting filenames
  • Resolved: Set to current default does not remove layers
  • Resolved: All plugins are loaded in one tab
  • Resolved: Deleted layer causes crash on accessing the next one
  • Resolved: Progress bar(s) not shown when left panel is hidden
  • Resolved: copy import flat does not handle conflicting file names
  • Resolved: Keywords are not exported to XMP correctly
  • Resolved: Rename dialog doesn’t handle jobseq
  • Resolved: Import dialog doesn’t prompt for a job name
  • Resolved: Bibble always creates ~/Pictures/bibble5 for the default catalog
  • Resolved: library/folder view does not re-draw after drag/drop
  • Resolved: curves don’t get enabled when changing them
  • Resolved: undo a move file in “Referenced Locations” folders does not move the master file back
  • Resolved: PV2.1c: jpeg import use wrong EXIF date to select asset dir
  • Resolved: Histogram not updated after using BW plugin, Harry or iNDA
  • Resolved: undoing moving files makes them appear offline
  • Resolved: new version commands do not set the sort date
  • Resolved: Adding levels to hierarchical keyword duplicates keyword
  • Resolved: Cropping: it guesses landscape / portrait wrong every time
  • Resolved: Rename command needs duplicate name handling
  • Resolved: Nikon D40 white balance numbers are off
  • Resolved: Jobname reset for queues per queue run
  • Resolved: importing when BXMP is present sets sortdate to null