Bibble 5 – La RC est là

Bon certes, elle est là depuis le 20 mais la sortie officielle est depuis quelques minutes…

Alors si vous souhaitez bénéficier de la dernière mouture, c’est ici

Nous apprenons également que la version finale de Bibble 5 (du moins la version 5 sans RC) sera disponible dans les 14 jours (le délais d’expiration de cette version)

Alors croisons les doigts et espérons que les outils de correction seront de nouveau disponibles sous peu !

Bibble 5 – La version PV3.2 est de sortie

Pour mettre à jour c’est ici

Pour ce qui est du ChanLog :

 - 0000193: [Thumbnail View] resizing thumbs shifts shown thumbs out of view - 0001555: [User Interface] Trying to load a work queue name *.wrk instead of *.work crashes 3.1a - 0001552: [Asset Management] remove trailing spaces in iptc:copyright - 0001547: [Asset Management] PV 3.1 does not write bxmps with non ascii names - 0001537: [User Interface] High ISO settings displayed incorrectly (D3S) - 0001517: [-Other-] moving files within bibble (FS) doesn't update location - 0001457: [Editing Tools] Noise Ninja shows tile boundaries - 0001360: [User Interface] "desktop" isn't showing any images - 0000928: [Asset Management] Batching offline files results in the program hanging - 0000672: [-Other-] Double check tab order for all UI tools - 0001559: [Metadata] Tiff output: wrong data type 7 for "XMLPacket"; tag ignored - 0001443: [Batch Processing] The [queuename] and [queseq] renaming tags won't work properly - 0000149: [Slide Show] Slideshow is not showing cropped images - 0001532: [-Other-] crash using magnifier quickly over many thumbs - 0001524: [-Other-] speed up closing of Bibble when previews and batches are still running - 0001484: [User Interface] Curves & histogram widgets don't draw properly if the tool box size is stretched - 0001560: [Metadata] Crash when reading EXIF from a JPEG. 

Bibble 5 – La PV3 est de sortie avec son petit lot de correction

Et oui, j’ai parlé trop vite, bien qu’ils soient en vacance, ils nous sortent la PV3 de Bibble 5…

Voici le ChangeLog :

 - 0000717: [User Interface] Batch status doesn't update If there was an error - 0001498: [RAW File support] Olypus images with NR on aren't handle correctly - 0001475: [Editing Tools] Images with default settings are getting the edited badge set - 0001473: [Editing Tools] Changing the lens from Standard to Lens causes image to always report an uncalibrated lens - 0001466: [Editing Tools] Preset managemen broken - 0001456: [Editing Tools] Some Canon models may not be in the lens correction database - 0001455: [-Other-] EXIF DateTime isn't getting written to the output - 0001454: [-Other-] The display strings in the Meta data editor aren't properly rendering wide characters - 0001453: [Editing Tools] Null meta data strings should be handled differently - 0001451: [Editing Tools] Selective color settings can't be copied and pasted - 0001440: [User Interface] Metadata browser tree entries not displayed completely - 0001432: [User Interface] Keep zoomed preference causes MIV issues - 0001431: [User Interface] window "unlock product" above everything - 0001429: [User Interface] Filter dialog stars should have same colors as thumb stars - 0001499: [-Other-] IPTC updating seems to not overwrite embedded IPTC properly - 0001225: [User Interface] crop-panel not remembering position - 0000751: [Slide Show] insets and text in slideshow // spurious lines at picture frames - 0001501: [-Other-] If i reload metada, my Copyright becomes "x-default|blah blah blah" - 0001448: [RAW File support] Strange artifacts in highlights - 0001372: [-Other-] Update the msvc redist package to the latest version - 0001507: [Metadata] Reload Metadata is losing all Shooting Info - 0001506: [User Interface] Tab order for the Autolevels text fields is wrong - 0001497: [Editing Tools] small crops can't be moved - 0001492: [RAW File support] Sony and Pentax RAW files need a DB upgrade to correct their sizes in the Master table - 0001491: [-Other-] race when deporting versions - 0001490: [RAW File support] RAW clip rect is incorrect for Pentax K-7 - 0001489: [RAW File support] Sony Clip Rect need correcting - 0001486: [RAW File support] Olympus E-P1 images aren't handled correctly - 0001478: [Metadata] Metadata is not editable when "Metadata Viewer updates on mouse over" is enabled in the preferences. - 0001474: [-Other-] Changes in Rev 6543 are causing heap block overruns - 0001471: [-Other-] Crash in VersionThumbJpegAsset::run() because of null data - 0001465: [Batch Processing] The output resize isn't properly forcing the image to the specified dimensions - 0001462: [RAW File support] JPEG RAW data (IoAsset) needs to be BufferedPointer'ed - 0001461: [Thumbnail View] Thumbs aren't updated after a Copy & Paste - 0001460: [Batch Processing] Deselecting 'Only Prompt Once' in the batch queues doesn't take effect until restart. - 0001512: [RAW File support] Fix white balance presets for D40x - 0000370: [User Interface] Colored lines around multiview pics - 0001521: [User Interface] dialog "Create New Folder" is on top of everything (wxp) - 0001519: [Localization] More transaltions to add - 0001516: [-Other-] IDimager XMP crashes Bibble - 0001510: [-Other-] Filtering on rejects shows selects/tagged as well - 0001502: [-Other-] image with -1/3 EV bias is exported with EV bias of +1431670081 - 0001500: [-Other-] Unicode handled poorly in IPTC - 0001332: [User Interface] Sorting and filter - 0001022: [Asset Management] When closing B5 during an activity, it crashes - 0000870: [-Other-] Ext. Cmd in Batch queueu pops up CMD window - 0001525: [Editing Tools] Change reload meta data to merge meta data from BXMPs - 0001395: [Batch Processing] TIF output images are too tall on CCW-rotated images - 0001459: [Asset Management] Batching images after renaming does not work. - 0001495: [RAW File support] Rebuild Kodak Noise Profiles - 0001504: [Batch Processing] Assert after pausing Previews and restarting Bibble - 0001528: [Editing Tools] Noise Ninja profile name is wrong in most cases