Bibble 5.0.1 est de sortie !

Alors ChangeLog assez impressionnant, mais attention, les plugins ne sont pas compatibles…

Pour les téléchargements, c’est par ici

 * Added support for Canon 1D Mark IV * Added support for Olympus E-P2 * Added click white/gray/black on curves * Improved color for Canon G11, S90, Pentax k10d, K20d, K2000, K-x, K-m * Includes the free version of Sean Puckett's Andrea Plugin ( ) - 0001648: [-Other-] Choice of monitor profile is broken under Mac OS 10.6.2 Snow Leopard - 0001581: [User Interface] auto-detect monitor profiles - 0001824: [RAW File support] iso100 from d700 rendered like iso200 +1 stop - 0001832: [User Interface] before and after switched for histogram in curves tool - 0001833: [Localization] The delete Master windows has a little more to translate - 0001835: [User Interface] color select box problem after clicking on cancel - 0001671: [Asset Management] UNDO create version crashes bibble - 0001728: [RAW File support] Copy batch crashes after some files - 0001683: [Printing] when printing to PDF an enpty window comes up - 0001718: [User Interface] Color management preferences panel needs tweaked - 0001789: [RAW File support] check White balance with D2Hs - 0001830: [Commands] Settings changes don't clear metadata settings when NULL strings are used - 0001793: [RAW File support] Nikon D2Hs white balance presets are off. - 0001825: [Localization] German localization bug - 0001823: [Commands] check single quotes in keywords - 0001796: [RAW File support] Olympus E-620 profile - 0001775: Plugin install location changed to user home - 0001734: [Localization] The Version context menu is back in English - 0001656: [Printing] Title not expanded in printing - 0001659: [Editing Tools] Curves still miss Click white/grey/black - 0001708: [User Interface] Changing the interface language breaks the Before/After histogram combo - white balance update for 1Ds - New method of loading TIFs - lens database: if we need to guess a lens, only select a lens if we have a real good guess - disable edit menu items if no thumbs are selected - Lots of improvements with image drag & drop for move & copy - Preview sharpening at all zoom levels!  Yeah! - 0001301: [User Interface] Font sizes inconsistent when using small fonts - 0001698: [Localization] Still not enough place on the batch pref on Linux - 0001760: [User Interface] History window should remember it's position - 0001713: [Asset Management] Portrait Professional adjusted JPG files cause Bibble5 AM crash on import - 0001741: [Asset Management] Importing by moving files into the catalog doesn't import settings from the file system - 0001753: [User Interface] Edit boxes are invisible if they don't have a value - 0001777: [User Interface] Versions should not be allowed to be moved/copied to the root of a catalog - 0001723: [Documentation] Docs need to mention image size constraint - 0001740: [-Other-] windows: can not create a subdir if given a network path - 0001729: [User Interface] Click size combo in preferences isn't remembering it's value between sessions - 0001705: [-Other-] White Balance - color temperature display problem - 0001770: [RAW File support] Sony ARW files aren't parsed properly on PowerPC Macs - 0001767: [-Other-] Crash with Undo Versions - 0001666: [-Other-] [opath] fails on Ref Loc images - 0001798: [User Interface] The XMP group isn't on the Edit menu - 0001733: [-Other-] Label names are getting translated when they are written to the XMP - 0001732: [-Other-] lr:hierarchicalSubject is written incorrectly - 0001795: [Batch Processing] Download Queues prompt for a Library import location even when "Import into Catalog" is disabled - lens calibration: Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM from forum user "Klonk" - lens calibration: Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM from forum user "Klonk" - lens calibration: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS  from forum user "Chris850" - lens calibration: Tokina AT-X 107 DX Fisheye -AF 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5  from forum user "-cr" - lens calibration: Canon s90 from forum user "jaymzz" - lens calibration: Lumix G Vario 7-14mm f/4 from forum user "zoz" - lens calibration: Lumix G Vario 45-200mm f/4.0-5.6 from forum user "zoz" - lens calibration: Lumix G Vario 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6 from forum user "matadoerle" - lens calibration: Lumix G 20mm f/1.7 from forum user "matadoerle" - lens calibration: Lumix G Vario 14-140mm f/4.0-5.8 from forum user "zoz" - lens calibration: Leica DG Macro-Elmarit 45mm f/2.8 from forum user "zoz" - lens calibration: Zuiko Digital 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0 from forum user "Fraenzken" - lens calibration: Fix for Sony A550, E-P2, Tamron SP AF 28-75mm f/2.8 XR Di, Pentax K-m 

Bibble Labs – Off

Bibble Labs Off

Cela sent-il l’arrivée de la version officielle de Bibble 5 ?

Ou même la version 5.1 avec perfective clear et l’outil de correction de tâche ?

Bon, tout compte fait, c’est bien pour annoncer la sortie officielle de Bibble 5, un nouveau forum, peut-être pour les utilisateurs autre que les français la possibilité d’obtenir la licence Full (Le partner français n’est toujours pas à jour…).

Reste plus qu’à attendre Bibble 5.1…