Bibble 5.1.0g disponible !

C’est une version de correction de bogues, elle est disponible ici. Elle n’est pas encore officielle et c’est pour cela que vous n’êtes pas averti, mais vu la ChangeLog… Cela vaut le coup !

* Copy/Download queues with [time] rename doesn’t work – results in data loss by overwriting files shot within the same second
* Fix issues causing Exposure setting to be applied multiple times when using layers
* Problems when renaming files when using [<oext]
* Trouble importing image with multiple dots in the filename
* Files with Bibble XMPs don’t get the correct version name when renaming
* Retain the version names as set in Bibble XMP files when importing / copying
* extension delimiter dot is not treated correctly
* The overwrite prevention inserts _1 at the first dot, not the last
* file names not updated in thumbnail mode if there is an xmp
* thumbs-only should have always no-multiimage behaviour
* when making Presets, diff off the default settings, not the Import Settings (which makes using Presets in FS Mode very challenging)
* adding “queueseq” as a synonym of “queseq” in the renamer (to match B4)
* UI tweaks to pref panels
* show the version name in the Zoom toolbar, and the full path to the masterfile in a tooltip
* provide a little more debug info for specific metadata trouble
* upping the maximum cache size
* /opt/bibble5/lib/ missing? (Linux)
* Fix lens correction parameter loading for non-US locale systems (Linux)
* fixed ctrl-R resetting lens correction parameters to zero values.
* 5.1C Hotkeys for Metadata (keywords) broken
* 5.1d clicking on crop tool doesn’t “pop up” menu
* Exif data “Software” signature reads “Pro” in Bibble Lite
* Exif data GPS version ID changes on output
* freezes if applying default settings large number images (speed improvement)
* IPTC info is embedded only when EXIF is selected in batch queue
* fix batch output crash when re-sizing in certain cases

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