KDE 4.3

Depuis la sortie de KDE 4.3 RC2 sous kubuntu 9.04, je n’arrive plus à éteindre mon portable via le menu K, si vous avez une petit idée, je suis preneur…

Même après l’installation de KDE 4.3 finale, toujours le même problème.

Bibble 5 PV2.2

Elle est tout fraîche de ce matin, au menu :

  • Major improvements to the Layers & Regions tools, with better memory management and much faster rendering
  • Implemented On / Off toggles per Region and per Layer
  • Implemented File -> Open and drag & drop to open image files and work queues.
  • Implemented ‘Portable Catalogs.’
  • Implemented Show Folder in File Browser (Windows Explorer, Mac Finder, etc)
  • Implemented Copy Batch with optional Import After Copy feature.
  • Implemented View Mode Toolbar
  • Implemented sending a File System folder to a batch (recursive or not)
  • Implemented counting of thumbnails
  • Implemented recording of subsecond time for cameras that support it
  • Improved Windows Recycle Bin operations
  • Improved Linux Trash operations (to be freedesktops.org compliant)
  • Improved File System Workflow: files are refreshed from Bibble XMP settings on each folder change, new master files shown, old ones removed.
  • Fixed crash when renaming versions with image panel hidden
  • Fixed crash when switching quickly between Thumbnails (most commonly seen on JPEG’s)
  • Fixed crash when moving non-Master version imported by Ref Locations
  • Fixed crash when browsing to “/” in linux
  • Fixed crash selecting a version that had layers but was set to defaults
  • Implemented “New Version from Defaults”
  • Changed rating, labels amp; other metadata actions to affect only the “Active” images, not the entire selection, when in Multiview
  • Resolved: Rename version has issues with conflicting filenames
  • Resolved: Set to current default does not remove layers
  • Resolved: All plugins are loaded in one tab
  • Resolved: Deleted layer causes crash on accessing the next one
  • Resolved: Progress bar(s) not shown when left panel is hidden
  • Resolved: copy import flat does not handle conflicting file names
  • Resolved: Keywords are not exported to XMP correctly
  • Resolved: Rename dialog doesn’t handle jobseq
  • Resolved: Import dialog doesn’t prompt for a job name
  • Resolved: Bibble always creates ~/Pictures/bibble5 for the default catalog
  • Resolved: library/folder view does not re-draw after drag/drop
  • Resolved: curves don’t get enabled when changing them
  • Resolved: undo a move file in “Referenced Locations” folders does not move the master file back
  • Resolved: PV2.1c: jpeg import use wrong EXIF date to select asset dir
  • Resolved: Histogram not updated after using BW plugin, Harry or iNDA
  • Resolved: undoing moving files makes them appear offline
  • Resolved: new version commands do not set the sort date
  • Resolved: Adding levels to hierarchical keyword duplicates keyword
  • Resolved: Cropping: it guesses landscape / portrait wrong every time
  • Resolved: Rename command needs duplicate name handling
  • Resolved: Nikon D40 white balance numbers are off
  • Resolved: Jobname reset for queues per queue run
  • Resolved: importing when BXMP is present sets sortdate to null